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Skin Changes

Dermatologic surgery treats skin conditions such as skin cancer, moles, and scars.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, protecting us from external influences while also playing a significant role in our appearance. Consequently, individuals often find skin alterations bothersome. Besides the purely aesthetic aspect, some skin conditions require treatment for medical reasons, such as malignant skin tumors.

Dermatologic surgery specializes in the surgical treatment of skin diseases and skin alterations. Dermatologic surgery offers a variety of solutions for patients to maintain or restore their skin health and beauty. This includes the removal of skin tumors, scar corrections, as well as aesthetic procedures to enhance the skin’s appearance.

Skin alterations are treated using surgical measures. Therefore, dermatologic surgery is also referred to as surgical dermatology and has close overlaps with plastic and aesthetic surgery. Depending on the diagnosis, the methods employed may also include treatments with lasers, cryosurgery, and suction methods.

At MFORM, we offer you the latest techniques and highest professionalism in surgical treatment. Common procedures in the field of dermatologic surgery include the removal of scars, benign and malignant skin tumors (such as melanoma and basal cell carcinoma), moles and pigment spots, as well as warts, cysts, and lipomas.

For any questions regarding the treatment of skin alterations, we are here to provide expert assistance. After an initial diagnosis by us or an existing diagnosis by your dermatologist, we will discuss the treatment options with you. The nature of treatment largely depends on the type of alteration and can be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

Treatment options for skin changes with Mform

Skin Cancer Treatment
Plastic and aesthetic surgery may be necessary for the treatment of skin cancer to achieve a functionally and aesthetically impeccable result.
Mole Removal
We offer various methods to eliminate bothersome moles. Schedule an appointment online with our specialized plastic and aesthetic surgery experts.
Scar Removal
In order to remove scars or make them appear less visible, various minimally invasive and surgical methods are available.
Pigment Moles Removal
Treating pigment moles involves various methods aimed at reducing or eliminating excessive pigmentation to achieve a more even skin tone.
Treating Lipomas
Surgical procedures or liposuction may be used for treating lipomas.
Removing Cysts
Cysts can be removed if they cause discomfort or are aesthetically bothersome.
Treating Warts
We have various treatment options available to effectively and gently treat warts.


The grand opening of MFORM Aesthetics is just around the corner: starting October 24th, patients can book appointments in our new practice premises in the heart of Munich.
Our medical assistant, Ophelia Banatte-Schuster, has successfully completed her 6-month, part-time training to become a certified medical facial cosmetologist.
Dr. Talia Bosselmann-Schwarz, our expert in reconstructive, plastic, and aesthetic breast surgery, is now offering a special breast consultation every Tuesday and by appointment.
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