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Joints and Cartilage

Recurrent pain in finger joints are often warning signs of joint disease that should not be ignored under any circumstances.
Joints and Cartilage

Hardly any other joints in our body are subjected to such intensive daily stress as those of the hand and fingers. Pain in finger joints after a long day of work can be warning signals of a serious joint disease that should not be ignored under any circumstances. Often it is an arthrosis, for example, saddle joint arthrosis is one of the most common arthroses in the human body. If conservative therapy is exhausted, resection arthroplasty (we use the Lundborg technique) may be necessary here.

But other joints in the hand area can also wear out and require therapy. Here, individually tailored therapy concepts are applied. These can include immobilization, injections of hyaluron or cortisone, but also the latest procedures such as ACP(PRP)/own blood and own fat injections. Of course, surgical procedures up to joint replacement, especially for the finger joints, the so-called PIP joints, are also part of our spectrum. Here, prostheses, as they are also used for the knee joint, have proven their worth.

In the case of recurring or constant pain or external signs such as redness and/or swelling of a joint, an examination by a hand specialist should definitely be carried out. Here, it must first be determined where exactly the pain is located and what exactly the cause of the pain is. No treatment should take place beforehand. It is not uncommon for arthritis, for example, to be misinterpreted as tendonitis, which can have serious consequences.

Our Service Range

Joint capsulitis
In joint capsulitis, the joint lining is inflamed. It occurs either acutely or runs chronically.
Rheumatism and gout
Gout is a metabolic disease in which joints can become severely inflamed when too much uric acid is deposited in these parts of the body.
Cartilage damage
Cartilage damage is often caused by a previous injury, such as a fracture or torn ligament between the carpal bones.
Finger and wrist arthrosis
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage layer is chronically damaged and gradually destroyed by wear and tear.

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