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Tendons and Ligaments

Tendon and ligament injuries of the hands and fingers can often be treated very well conservatively and promise a high treatment success.
Tendons and Ligaments

Our hands and fingers are one of the most important parts of our body in daily life. They enable us to hold objects, support ourselves, point to something and much more. They are perfectly built for both rough and fine activities. Because of their importance in everyday life, hand pain and hand injuries place a great burden on us and severely limit our well-being.

Tendons are the link between muscle and bone. On the hand, there are a large number of flexor tendons and finger extensor tendons that are coupled together via cross-links. Hand pain due to tendon injuries usually occurs as part of more extensive hand injuries or when a tendon is damaged by an open wound (such as a cut or puncture).

However, tendon injuries can also occur in the context of rheumatic diseases or spontaneously during unaccustomed stress (e.g., finger pinched while hand is retracted).

Service Range

Tendon rupture
A torn tendon in the finger usually occurs as a result of rapid overuse or an accident and can be treated conservatively in most cases.
Tendonitis, although very painful, is usually harmless and can be treated very well - without surgery.
Ligament injuries and sprains
Injuries to the carpal ligaments often result from an accident and are often mistakenly dismissed as a "simple sprain."
Tendon stenosis
Typical for a tendon constriction is pain especially at the wrist below the thumb.

Current Contributions
from MHAND

MHAND hand expert Dr. Elias Volkmer has once again been awarded with the PRIMO MEDICO seal in 2020. This means that Dr. Volkmer continues to be an official member of the network, which to date has more than one hundred medical specialists in various fields from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
On 01 January 2021, MHEAD, a practice for ear, nose and throat medicine, will open on the premises of MCLINIC. Prof. Dr. Eike Krause and Dr. Peter Fessler, two very experienced and renowned specialists who together offer almost all services of modern ENT medicine with different specializations.
Starting in January 2021, a special consultation hour for jaw necrosis will be offered at MFACE. Every Tuesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., patients can attend the free consultation hour at MFACE I Maxillofacial Center for the prevention or treatment of bisphosphonate-, drug- or radiation-associated necrosis of the jaw (BRONJ, MRONJ, ORN).

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