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MHAND treats all diseases and injuries around the approximately 27 bones of the hand skeleton.

Humans are made up of different types of tissue. In the hand in particular, a wide variety of tissue types such as nerves, tendons, bones, muscles, fatty and connective tissue lie together in a very confined space. The most frequent pathological changes in the tissue of the hand include tumors, i.e. mostly benign, rarely malignant tissue neoplasms including cysts. Clarification by a specialist is obligatory here.

Another classic clinical picture in hand surgery is pseudarthrosis. This can develop when bone healing is disturbed after a fracture. Then the fracture sites do not heal and a so-called false joint develops, which causes severe pain and restrictions in mobility. Especially in the wrist, such a false joint can have devastating consequences, up to the destruction of the entire wrist. Only a timely presentation to a hand surgeon can make a cure possible.

The bone necroses Kienböck’s disease (moon bone necrosis) and Preiser’s disease (scaphoid bone necrosis) usually develop without an obvious cause. Recognition is difficult and patients often come to the specialist late. Depending on the stage, there are different therapeutic strategies, which must always be coordinated individually. If the diagnosis is made, an immediate presentation to the hand surgeon is obligatory.

Service Range

Bone fractures (fractures)
The most common hand fractures include metacarpal fracture, scaphoid fracture, or radius fracture.
Pseudarthrosis is the term used to describe a bone fracture that does not grow back together, with bone fragments forming a type of "false joint."
An exostosis describes a new formation of bone substance that becomes visible externally and can occur on various bones.
Bone necrosis
Kienböck's disease is a circulatory disorder of the bone tissue that causes slow death of the lunate bone.
Bone tumors
A bone tumor is a (usually benign) growth of a bone. If the tumor is malignant, it must be surgically removed.
Malpositions and malformations
Congenital malformations of the hand and forearm are usually caused by a change in the genetic material, but also by toxic influences.

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