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Free breathing, functioning hearing or a healthy throat are essential factors for a vital and active lifestyle – during the day, but also at night, for example when it comes to sleep disorders.

At MHEAD you will find a comprehensive range of ENT medical examinations as well as conservative and surgical treatment options. It is particularly important to us to respond specifically and comprehensively to all patients, to advise you individually and to make the best therapeutic decision together with you.

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Your Dr. med Peter Fessler

Maximilian Vogel

Ear, nose and throat specialist


We specialize in the treatment of hearing and balance disorders of the inner ear, functional and aesthetic nasal surgery, endoscopic paranasal sinus surgery, middle ear surgery and allergology. The practice’s services also include a 3D X-ray (DVT), hearing and balance diagnostics, and allergy testing.


A cholesteatoma - also known as a pearl tumor - is a particular form of purulent chronic middle ear infection that requires surgical treatment.
Otosclerosis is a disease (increasing ossification) of the three ossicles of the middle ear.
Middle ear infections
Otitis media is an inflammation of the mucous membranes usually caused by viruses or bacteria and often occurs in children.
Ear deformities and ear correction
Ear correction is mostly used for congenital, protruding ears, but also for deformities and injuries.
Dizziness and balance disorders
Dizziness and balance disorders are a severe restriction in the everyday life of affected persons. The therapy depends on the cause of the dizziness.
Hearing loss and ear noise
Tinnitus, hearing loss, ringing in the ears - there are many causes for hearing loss. MHEAD finds the right treatment method for each form.
Nasal deformity and rhinoplasty
A nose correction is not always for aesthetic reasons. There are many causes that affect functionality and thus require surgery.
Sinusitis is very treatable with medication. Surgery may be necessary for chronic sinusitis.
Snoring, sleep apnea and sleep disorders
Snoring is not a "disease", but it can be very disturbing - especially for those around you. Find out what treatment options are available at MHEAD.
Tumor diseases (nose cancer)
Cancers of the nose often develop inconspicuously. An early examination when symptoms appear is therefore essential.
Nasal airway obstructions
The causes of a nasal breathing obstruction can be manifold. However, if left untreated, it can have long-term consequences for sufferers.
Every fifth German suffers from an allergy. At MHEAD, you can find out everything about symptoms, progression, treatment methods and more.
Diseases of the salivary glands
Diseases of the salivary glands range from inflammations to tumors. The aim of treatment is always to preserve the gland and its function.
Voice and speech disorders
Hoarseness, a muffled voice or even loss of voice - voice and speech disorders occur not only in childhood and are easily treatable.
Diseases of the pharyngeal and palatine tonsils
Tonsillitis describes a painful, sometimes purulent inflammation of the palatine tonsils.
Tumor diseases of the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx
Tumor diseases in the oral cavity, pharynx and larynx usually cause no discomfort for a long time. Regular preliminary examinations are therefore particularly important.
Swallowing problems
Swallowing problems are usually caused by inflammation. Often, however, reflux (backflow of gastric acid) is also responsible for the discomfort.

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We are pleased to welcome Maximilian Vogel to our team of doctors! The ear, nose and throat specialist joined MHEAD in mid-October.
On 01 January 2021, MHEAD, a practice for ear, nose and throat medicine, will open on the premises of MCLINIC. Prof. Dr. Eike Krause and Dr. Peter Fessler, two very experienced and renowned specialists who together offer almost all services of modern ENT medicine with different specializations.

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